Wounds are a common infliction and can range from short and shallow to deep and wide.  Failure to take care of wounds properly may result in serious infections such as sepsis or cellulitis or even devastating outcomes (e.g., limb amputation and death). The evaluation also helps to detect whether there are any other underlying issues undermining the healing process. Thankfully, there are specialists trained in treating wounds, and can help you heal faster with the proper measures and care plan to help you to achieve the desired outcome and go back to your regular routine sometimes impacted by a wound!

Who should see a wound care specialist?

It’s time to see a specialist when wounds don’t heal in a week average or are still painful despite treatment. Your best resource for questions about potential infection from a wound that isn’t healing properly is a qualified provider who deals with non-healing or hard-to-heal wounds. Make sure to ask your regular healthcare provider to refer you to a wound care specialist.

Services currently offered

Our qualified and skilled team offers the latest advanced treatments for wound healing. We are skilled to select the appropriate type of dressings and technologies to manage the different types of wounds:

  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer
  • Venous Leg Ulcer
  • Pressure Injury/Ulcer (or bedsore)
  • Skin Fragility of Aging Skin Tears
  • Skin Burn Injury
  • Surgical Site Infection
  • And others

Benefits of our Services

  • Improve timely access to specialized wound care
  • Place patients on the right care pathway
  • Ensure continuity of wound care
  • Provide evidence-based care to achieve the desired outcomes
  • Improve patient satisfaction and experience
  • Reduce hospital admissions and readmissions
  • Facilitates patient engagement in wound self-management
  • Often reduce cost burden for patients, families, and healthcare system
  • Better wound management “at the right time and right place, with the right dressing and right provider care”
  • Prevent interruptions in the delivery of the wound care plan
  • Provide peace of mind to primary care providers knowing their clients are cared by a wound care expert
  • Reduce overall cost of wound management


The Ridgeway Clinic is pleased to announce a partnership with ADVANCED– Wound Care Consultancy & Education Inc. to provide the most up to date wound treatment to people living in Northwestern Ontario.

Dr. Ide Costa, the CEO and Founder of ADVANCED, and her team of wound care specialists will be joining our fantastic team!

Dr. Ide Costa is a high qualified Registered Nurse in this area. She is a  NSWOC with an advanced clinical practice in the management of complex and uncommon wounds including diabetic foot ulcers, pressure injuries, venous leg ulcers, surgical and traumatic wounds. Dr. Costa’s both master (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil) and doctoral program (Queen’s University, Canada) focused on advancing wound healing and enhancing individuals’ engagement in every day self-management of hard-to-heal wounds.

For more information about Dr. Costa and her team please visit: https://advancedwoundcare.ca/