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Welcome to Ridgeway Aesthetics – Your Path to Timeless Beauty!

Are you ready to embrace a more youthful, rejuvenated version of yourself? Look no further than our Botox injection services at Ridgeway Aesthetics. We believe in enhancing your natural beauty, boosting your confidence, and providing you with a refreshed appearance that lasts.

Britton Sprules

Meet Britton, Your Skilled Physician Assistant

We are thrilled to announce that Britton Sprules, one of our highly trained and experienced Physician Assistants (PAs), is now specializing in aesthetic treatments. With a passion for enhancing natural beauty and a commitment to client satisfaction, Britton brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our practice.

What is Botox?

Botox is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that temporarily reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It works by relaxing specific facial muscles, providing a smoother and more youthful appearance. Common areas treated include forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines between the eyebrows.

Benefits of Botox:

  • Wrinkle Reduction: Say goodbye to unwanted lines and wrinkles, revealing a more youthful you.
  • Non-Invasive: Botox injections are a non-surgical option, allowing you to achieve noticeable results without the need for downtime.
  • Quick and Convenient: The procedure is quick, often taking just a few minutes, making it an ideal option for those with busy schedules.
  • Long-lasting Results: Enjoy the benefits of smoother skin for four to six months, with results that gradually fade over time.

Why Choose Ridgeway Aesthetics for Your Botox Experience?

  1. Professional Excellence: Britton is dedicated to providing top-level Botox treatments, ensuring a safe and effective experience for our clients.
  2. Personalized Approach: We understand that each individual is unique. Britton takes the time to listen to your concerns and goals, tailoring the Botox treatment to achieve your desired results.
  3. Trusted Expertise: With 12 years of medical experience, Britton stays up-to-date with the latest advancements in medicine and aesthetics, ensuring you receive the best and most cutting-edge Botox treatments available.

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