The Ridgeway Clinic is pleased to offer services from Steve Robertson. He is an open-minded Spiritual Care professional and is also a Registered Psychotherapist. He works presently at St. Joseph’s Care Group full time in Long Term Care and Dementia Care.

It is true that not everyone these days knows they might be spiritual or sense that in their life. Perhaps not feeling religious as is the current sense of life present in the world.

But the notions of Victor Frankl and Carl Rogers would express that people do have a sense of meaning and they can find their way through many challenges in life when they locate a positive inner sense of person to be encouraged by nudging and encouragements. After much listening and agenda-driven care support, an individual can be encouraged to find their strength and move through life.

Are you considering coming for therapy? Maybe spend some time exploring your present situation?

Counseling therapy is a great way to start the process to find your way through difficult times.

I offer offers confidential, 50-minute sessions. I can help clients identify issues, recognize and build on their own strengths and abilities, and help them to develop strategies to address their concerns.

I offer to begin a session with a smudge to open ourselves to the spiritual world.

I honor Indigenous Culture/Spirituality and have been honored by being asked to carry an Eagle Staff.


Some of our services offered, but are not limited to:

General counseling therapy – Working with life’s challenges.

Dementia struggles for caregivers. I can support and encourage you through this challenging time, including the grief you experience over time as you slowly lose the person you love to this disease.

Dealing with settling a loved one in Long Term Care can be an arduous guilt-ridden time,

Grief, loss, impending death, those facing unfortunate medical diagnosis/prognosis/outcome and bedside end-of-life support, palliative care, rehabilitation, emergency/trauma/ICU/ acute care, etc..

Grief groups and sharing groups as necessary.

I work with those who have faced religious trauma and abuse/toxic religious situations (these can offer life-altering stress and isolation) This includes the LGBTQ+ spectrum in their struggles with toxic religious systems. Explore your self-worth and meaning and purpose.

I hope to help

Our appointments, 50-minute sessions, are conveniently offered after normal working hours and on the weekend

Appointments are subject to availability, please call 807-473-8370 to see when our next available appointment is

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
5 – 6 pm
6 – 7 pm
7 – 8 pm




12 – 1 pm
1 – 2 pm
2 – 3 pm
3 – 4 pm
4 – 5 pm

My name is Steve, I’m an older male with life experience, success even or especially among struggles and failures and then finally success. I’ve had struggles getting to where I am today, so I am accustomed to the struggle life can present. Thanks to some very special people, some good professors, and others who cared enough to see me through, I’ve made it through. I also include my higher power in this journey for without that power’s presence and strength within, I would not have made it through.

I believe in a God who empowers but am not a religious nut.

You have goals and things you really want to accomplish and many face struggles to get through…especially sometimes wondering if you’re worth it and what’s the use?

I know that everyone has the internal strength to work through struggles and obstacles even people who might stand in your way.

Many things impede our way through…grief, loss, internal strife, self-doubt, low self-image…can be a long list of issues a person faces in life.

If you would like to have someone listen to you and hear you, reflect your words and life with you we can do that together. I know everyone has internal strength that they have not been able to harness…you have the strength within, just could maybe use a nudge or a few sessions to see where you are and how you might make it through.


Feel free to call and book an appointment with me and we can discuss how we can work together to find you a better way. There is meaning and purpose for you in life and you do Have the internal strength to go through.