What is Prescriptive Fitness?

Prescriptive fitness is a vertically integrated movement, lifestyle and mindset program that is designed to support longitudinal health objectives.
With this goal in mind, coach Bobby Kwasny took his multidisciplinary experience and created the sled dog model of prescriptive fitness.

How Does it Work?

STEP 1- During an initial in-depth interview Coach Bobby will assess and begin to develop your initial movement lifestyle and mindset prescriptions.

STEP 2- During an in-person movement screen we will assess the patient’s general health, organism strength and movement patterns to develop a complete custom exercise program to support the patient’s long-term health and/or recovery goals.

STEP 3-The exercise program will be delivered and maintained in person (at the Sled Dog facility on Bay St. or during home-visits) with the lifestyle and mindset pieces to be delivered and maintained in person or via weekly and bi-weekly video chats.



How Will This Help Me Feel Healthier?
-weight management
-reduces risk of heart disease
-helps manage blood sugar and insulin levels
-support smoking cessation
-improves mental health and mood
-supports cognitive function
-strengthens bones and muscles
-reduces risk of some cancers (colon, breast, uterine and lung)
-reduces your risk of falls
-improves sleep
-improves sexual health
-increases quality of life

Who is Coach Bobby Kwasny?

Opex CCP
Precision Nutrition level 1
Rolf Guild for Structural Integration
Member of the Canadian National Triathlon Team
Elite level functional fitness athlete
Recreational Physique Athlete
Lakehead University Bachelor of Arts